Mobile App Developers

About Our Company

At Little Red Door we craft digital goodness. We design, develop and deliver consumer and enterprise mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

We are a dedicated team of planners, designers, developers and testers who have been delivering excellent mobile app experiences since 2010.

What Do We Do?


There's a lot more to an app than what you see on the small screen. If you have a great app idea, or are interested in an enterprise solution we can help define & build the perfect mobile strategy for your situation.

Design & Development

We can help with everything from concept design and wireframing to producing interactive and working on-device prototypes. When the design has been agreed we write the code to bring the visuals to life.

Mobile App Deployment

When the app is designed and developed we need to get it into the hands of users. We can handle App Store or Play Store submission, ad-hoc distribution or enterprise deployment for you.