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What We Do

  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile Applications

    We specialise in the development of apps on the iPhone and iPad, with a growing portfolio of our own in-house apps and client work on Apple's iOS platform. Why not get in touch and let us bring your idea to life?

  • Mobile App Consultancy

    Mobile App Consultancy

    Mobile apps aren't all about the design and development processes. If you have a great app idea, or are interested in taking your brand into the digital space and want our help then we would love to offer our consultancy services.

  • Digital Partnerships

    Digital Partnerships

    We are always seeking partnerships with creative agencies and other app development studios. If you are an agency looking for a studio to work with you on your upcoming projects, get in touch with us and see if we fit as your preferred mobile app partner.

What an app can do for you

  • Provide analytics about your customers and users

    Mobile apps have the power to provide real-time data on the individuals that use your application as well as the features and sections that they interact with most. Reported data can include user location, the hardware and software they are using as well as the sections of your app that they interact with most.

  • Take your company or brand social

    Utilise the sharing power of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks directly from within a mobile application. Social network user bases are rapidly expanding with Facebook alone having more than one billion active members – 680 million of which regularly use a smartphone or tablet. Social media integration within a mobile app can greatly increase user awareness.

  • Streamline internal workflows for more efficient output

    Mobile apps aren’t only for App Store submission. The right app could dramatically increase employee productivity¬†within your business by automating certain processes or handing greater power to employees by allowing them the freedom of working while on site.

  • Reach new customers through the power of mobile

    Over 500 million iOS devices sold. More than 150 countries with access to the App Store. $14 billion average consumer yearly spend on apps with that figure projected to rise to $36.7 billion in the next two years. The user adoption and usage statistics speak for themselves.

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